Director's Updates



Rehearsal Update!
We will meet NEXT WEEK - January 17, 18, 19 (Tue, Wed, Thu) from 3:15pm- 5:30pm in Fr. Ahren's Room.  We will start assigning speaking roles at these rehearsals.  This will allow for memorization time over the following week before we meet again on January 30th.  

The next rehearsals will be January 30 - February 2 from 3:15pm-5:30pm in Selinger Centre.  Please plan for rehearsals to end at 5:30 unless otherwise noted.
A more comprehensive rehearsal schedule will follow.


At the read through on Dec 13, we got to know our cast and crew members a little better.  We went over a few housekeeping items and we even gave a homework assignment to complete over Christmas break.
Here is an overview of the information provided to the students:
We reviewed our vision for the show, including the minimalist-type set.  Besides the named roles of Jesus, John the Baptist, and Judas, all other cast members will create and portray the characters of the parables.  We also discussed that while some speaking and singing roles have been decided, many others remain available, therefore each rehearsal provides opportunities for cast members to earn various roles in the show.
Each member was provided with his/her script and must bring it to each rehearsal along with a sharpened pencil with an eraser.
All cast members will have a rehearsal CD before they leave for Christmas. Please start learning the music--use your script to sing along. 
Now for fun part - the homework.  Over Christmas break, cast and crew members are to
1) look up some of the parables of Godspell in the Bible (hint - check the gospel of Matthew)
2)  research the history of Godspell...when it was written, by whom, performances...etc
3) find a hat and bring it to the first rehearsal after Christmas break.  These will become part of your costume.  The only restrictions are that it has to be an actual hat and shouldn't be too big or distracting.  For example, a styrofoam Green Bay Cheese Head would not be ok.  6th grader Lauren Gassen has offered assistance for anyone who needs help tracking down a hat.  Thanks Lauren!
4) Extra credit homework:  bring any items that you may want to use as part of your costume.  No restrictions here, just use your imagination!
We look forward to getting to work in January - Merry Christmas!
Keith Enloe and Marti O'Connor