Here are the guidelines for putting your costume together...

Overall Theme:  Think "Circus meets Hippie".  Urban Grunge. Country Chic.
Layers can make for interesting looks...vests, suspenders, overalls, items with fringe, etc.
We want everyone to be able to seek our their own "look" (with our guidance and final approval) and therefore feel comfortable and confident in what they choose. Be creative!  These are meant to be items you may already have, or can easily find at a thrift store.  By no means do we want or expect parents to spend a lot of money on costumes.  With that in mind, we also have resources to help find missing pieces along the way. 
Hats need to be durable and hardy - during rehearsals and performances they will be stored in a trunk or box.  This means they may be at the bottom of 20 other hats. (Something to keep in mind for the sake of the hats' longevity).  The hats so far have been GREAT - thank you!!
Check out these pictures from other productions of "Godspell Jr." to get some ideas...