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Godspell Jr Cast -

One of the most difficult tasks associated with producing a show is the audition and casting process.  That process is even harder when a cast has so much talent because there are so many good choices and only a limited number of solos and lines.  All of you have made the casting process very difficult and for that, you should be very proud.

The following list names the speaking roles and primary soloists assigned for the show thus far. Your original audition, past experience, and work over the last few days at rehearsal were all taken into consideration when making these decisions. Everyone did a great job. We know we’re going to have a very strong production thanks to all of you.  Remember, in addition to these assignments, there are also characters in each parable so everyone will be busy on stage. Additionally there are many opportunities for solo singing parts that will be assigned at rehearsals.  So it is very possible that you will have a solo part to sing even though you may not see your name on the list. 
Now the real work starts.  Start memorizing songs and lines immediately.  The sooner we get books out of our hands, the better our rehearsals will be.  Congratulations to all.  We’ll see you on January 30th at the first rehearsal. 
Your directors,
Marti & Keith

Godspell Jr. Solo Assignments*

Scene 1 
Prepare Ye - Will
Save the People - Evan

Scene 2
Judge - Will 
Widow - Page

Scene 3
King Narrator I - Shane
Debtor - Meagan
Fellow Servant - Olivia H
King Narrator II - Maddie T.
Day by Day - Katie

Scene 4
Samaritan Narrator - Kevin
Cast Member - Grace
Learn your Lessons Well - Juliet

Scene 5
Rich man Narrator - Mary
O Bless the Lord - 8th Grade Troupe

Scene 6
Cast Member - Emma 
All for the Best - Evan, Jeffrey

Scene 7
Shy Child - Olivia R.
Good Soil Leader - Anna
All Good Gifts - Shane

Scene 8
Lost Sheep - Emilia 
Sneaky Goat - Luke
Sheep I - Page
Sheep 2 - Grace
Sheep 3 - Olivia H
Goat Leader - Will
We Beseech Thee - Will, Jeffrey

Scene 9
First narrator - Maddie T.
Landowner - Shane
Son - Jeffrey
2nd Narrator - Mary
Older son - Luke
Light of the World - Kevin, Mattie B

Scene 10
Beautiful City – Juliet

*Additional solos will be assigned at future rehearsals. 


GODSPELL Cast Announcement
Congratulations to everyone who came out and auditioned for Godspell.  Your hard work and preparation was evident and we were so impressed by the outstanding level of talent you displayed.  A big “thank you” to Mrs. Stucky for helping get everything ready for auditions.  

Godspell is an unusual show in that – aside from the three named male roles – there are really no defined characters.  It is truly an ensemble of performers who share the duties of telling the story through narration and song.  That’s perfect for us because it means there are solo and speaking parts for so many different people.  
So, good news and bad news.  The good news is we’d like to use ALL of you in the show.  The bad news is we’re not yet sure exactly how specific solos or narrations will be assigned.  We have identified some principal soloists and narrators for certain elements of the show, but all other narration and solos will be determined early in the rehearsal process – so everyone has a chance.  IMPORTANT!!! …What we see from you during rehearsals will be a key factor in how remaining solos and narration are cast.  Bring your best every day.
We already know from what we’ve seen at auditions that this is going to be a fantastic show and – more importantly – a valuable learning experience for all of us.  We can’t wait to start working with you and, again, congratulations!
Keith Enloe and Marti O'Connor
JESUS - Evan Backues
JOHN THE BAPTIST - Will Grothoff
JUDAS - Jeffrey Szumigala
Mattie Berhorst
Juliet Dupuis
Katie Farr
Maddie Truesdale
Emma Wieberg
Grace Wilson
**Additional narrations and solos to be assigned during rehearsals
Shane Whalen
Kevin Rome
Olivia Hyman
Mary Worthen
Paige Ratcliff
Olivia Renner
Emilia Godwin
Luke Hinton
Meagan Mader
Ana Todd

Matthew Abbott
Lily Bax
Nikolai Careaga
Aubrie Morff
Anna Schneider
Lauren Gassen